Notes for your appointment....

So your coming to see us!! 

  • This will be a private appointment with a dedicated Team TBR stylist

  • Your appointment will last up to 90 minutes

  • Your appointment will be a 'Personal Shopping Experience' so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will make beautiful selections for you, please dont be offended that we will make the selections on your behalf - but with your total guidance (this is so you can have a totally relaxed time!)

  • There is a strict no photography or video policy - we do not want to offend or ask anyone to leave so please ask your guests to adhere to this

  • Complimentary refreshments & restroom will be on hand for you and your guests

  • Fun is the name of the game - so lets have lots of it! xx

  • Be open to saying YES TO THE DRESS TODAY

  • There are two Bridal Suites at The Bridal Room - There may well be two appointments in attendance at the same time - however yours will be fully private - you may just have someone walk past, but only when asked first and certainly not without permission.

  • All our dresses are available to everyone to try & selections will be made by the consultants if they are in the second suite.


Here are a couple of IMPORTANT things to think about:

  • Personal Shopping Experience - We operate, possibly slightly differently to how other boutiques work, after a short conversation about you, your wedding and your style, we will then showcase gowns within your style ideas and budget to you, so, you can sit back and enjoy the show - feel like a celebrity for the day!

  • Budget - Please be prepared to answer questions about your budget for your gown – this is simply so we can show you correct dresses in the right price point

  • Guests - Keep your guests to a max of 3 - this is our boutique limit for insurance purposes.

  • Children - We love them but they are best left at home! Babes in arms are fine but toddlers will need to be left at home as there are lots of health hazards in the boutique. We are also on a first floor therefore we cannot accommodate any buggies - these must be left on the stairs.

  • Wheelchair Access - Sorry as we are on a first floor there is no access for wheel chairs, we can however recommend you to our sister shop The Bridal Room Atherstone who is in a ground floor situation.

  • Full Private Styling - We offer a full styling appointment at our boutique. We will ask you to stand on a bridal ‘step’ this gives the impression of the dress at the correct length so don't worry about bringing any shoes.

  • Lingerie - Don't worry if you don't have the correct underwear but light or flesh coloured is best.

  • PLEASE, refrain from wearing any fake tan or overly heavy make up, this will discolour our gowns. We totally understand why you want to wear fake tan, but please save it for your big day. Your appointment may be refused if it appears your wearing a lot of fake tan.

  • In the fitting room – These dresses are not easy to get into, therefore someone will be in the fitting room with you, helping you in and out of each gown. Don’t worry we have a totally private fitting room,and fully respect your privacy – however you will be in there with one of us.

  • We do not allow photographs or video to be taken within the boutique – this is our policy to protect our business. Please respect our policy. Once you have decided and ordered your gown we are more than happy for you to take snaps, well even take them for you.

If you find your dress…. 

We will help and guide you through everything – you will be presented with a personal Bridal Folder for all your information to do with your gown order.  This is a very special purchase and so every aspect should be. You will also receive the FIRST of your goodies bags as a new TBR bride!

If you find your dream dress with us – to secure your ‘Made to order’ gown, you will need to pay 50% of the total value of your order.  The final balance is then due when the dress arrives into our boutique.  

If you decide to purchase one of our gorgeous samples (otherwise known as ‘off the peg’) then this will need to be paid for in full to secure this dress for you – the dress will need to be either taken on the day or within 14days of your purchase.

Alterations take place about 8 weeks prior to your big day, the cost of these are NOT included in the price of any of our gowns.  We have a comprehensive alterations service we can offer to all our TBR brides.

So, now you know what to expect - We thoroughly look forward to meeting you and hearing your plans for your big day!

Thank you - we look forward to seeing you soon! xx

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Weekend fees are non refundable within 72 hours of cancelling. Or for no showing of appointment

Refunding of fee only qualifys if you cancel before this time or if you order your gown on the day. A £50 credit is applied against your gown (full priced gowns only and no other offers can be used) £20 credit against sample gowns.

Team TBR xxx