Alba Rosa & English Rose Gowns

Unique gowns offering brides the opportunity to make their own bespoke gown! 

Designed in England,  the Alba Rosa Couture Bridal range, offer a stunning romantic collection of bridal gowns which feature breathtaking designs.   Stunning silks, laces and satins are used in clever ways in all these gowns, offering brides the option with belts and other adornments, so the bride of today can add her own slant on her gown!

We actually have a ‘hands on approach’ with this designer, and so we’ve added our own slant on each design, making them exclusive to The Bridal Room.

The wonderful thing about these gowns is that you can, if you wish, put your own twist on them, for example you could add or remove straps, put in a corset back or add button detail over the zip, longer or shorter trains etc. Any alterations to the standard patterns will incur an additional cost.  There will be limitations on certain changes to certain dresses.

Alba Rosa Gowns we carry are priced from £995-1595